Japan’s Most EXTREME Noodle Challenge
  • 21.01.2021
  • 419

The Wankosoba Challenge is infamous in Japan... so I tried it.

Japanese Street Food Tour in Tokyo, Japan - AMAZING Street Food
  • 17.01.2021
  • 642

Japanese Street Food in Tokyo, Japan is INSANELY delicious!

Most BEAUTIFUL Shrine in Japan! + Trying Unique Japanese Foods
  • 17.01.2021
  • 328

Miyajima is known for some delicious, must try Japanese foods 👌

  • 17.01.2021
  • 1612

I love Asian sweets. They’re so different from Western sweets, and Japan has some of the most unique ones on the planet

3 Unique Bowls of JAPANESE NOODLES | Best of Tokyo Food Tour!
  • 17.01.2021
  • 310

Ramen Rule - Taste the broth first, after that, there are no other main rules to eating ramen, just slurp and enjoy.

Unique restaurants you have to visit in Tokyo Japan
  • 17.01.2021
  • 1313

If you want to visit Tokyo , here is a great list for you

Master Chef Makes the Best Omurice | Kichi Kichi Kyoto Japan
  • 13.01.2021
  • 1207

Check out this Japanese Chef making the perfect Omurice.

Japanese Street Food - $600 GIANT RAINBOW LOBSTER Sashimi Japan Seafood
  • 10.01.2021
  • 5471

This is street food in Japan? Imagine their restaurant food.

Most UNIQUE Street Food Japan - SPIKY Crab BREAKFAST
  • 10.01.2021
  • 373

Sapporo is famous for seafood. It has the best seafood in Japan. It is unbelievably fresh! There are 2 morning seafood markets to visit and both are FULL of delicious seafood.

5 Must-Try Japanese Food Experiences
  • 10.01.2021
  • 6297

Japanese Food is awesome, and the overall dining experience is just as fun. If you are looking for places to eat in Tokyo, here are five great Japanese food experiences that I love while living in Tokyo.

11 Strangest Foods From Japan
  • 05.01.2021
  • 105

Some countries have a very traditional cuisine and take their food to the extreme. Here are some strange Japanese foods and dishes with bizarre ingredients and textures.

15 Unusual Foods that Only Exist in Japan
  • 05.01.2021
  • 160

Everyone knows when you travel far from home, the food changes, whether it be the seasoning or the way the food was cooked, something is always different. Some unusual foods look delicious, anyone would eat it, while there is other food that only daring people would try. For some travelers, trying different cuisines from around the world is like visiting an alien planet.

The Most Beautiful Scenery in the World - Japan
  • 27.12.2020
  • 920

This is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen in my life. It's really weird that we are not related to the planet but we love it so much anyway

Beautiful Japanese scenery,Cherry blossoms blizzard in Ueno Park
  • 27.12.2020
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As we japanese grow older, we tend to think,” How many times will I see this beautiful view in my life...” Anyway I’m happy to be born and grow in Japan !!