Why Japanese Swords Are So Expensive
  • 21.01.2021
  • 182

Japanese sword-making is a tradition that goes back centuries, and one that’s carried on to this day. Each sword takes dedication, skill and can take over 18 months to create

4-Day Road Trip Across Central Japan: Episode 1
  • 21.01.2021
  • 3

In Episode 1 of this 4-day road trip across central Japan, we visit Nagoya Castle, enjoy a local speciality before heading to Mie Prefecture, where we explore Ise Jingu's sanctuaries. Finally, we end the day in Ago Bay where we'll stay for the night.

Japan Walk - Tokyo ,Akihabara
  • 21.01.2021
  • 7

Akihabara, also called Akiba after a former local shrine, is a district in central Tokyo that is famous for its many electronics shops

Summer Passion in Tohoku, Japan 4K (Ultra HD)
  • 21.01.2021
  • 6

Find another Japan in Tohoku. Explore the seasonal beauty of Japan’s northeast.

A Train Ride Into Japan's Past
  • 21.01.2021
  • 1

Kyushu is said to be the wellspring of Japanese civilization. Yet few tourists visit the southernmost of Japan's main islands. This documentary contrasts modern Japanese cities with traditional customs in the countryside.

Japan Travel Guide - How to Travel Japan
  • 21.01.2021
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This how-to travel Japan video will cover the best things to do in Japan and provide helpful travel tips, so you can get the most out of your visit.

  • 21.01.2021
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This is the best video evveerrrr you got so many super cute things!!!! Love this!! 🥰❤️

Japan’s Most EXTREME Noodle Challenge
  • 21.01.2021
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The Wankosoba Challenge is infamous in Japan... so I tried it.

14 Days in Japan Vlog - Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Shibu Onsen, Snow Monkey, Disney
  • 17.01.2021
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You see how people don't step on the road and just walk on the pavement. Man, they are so disciplined. RESPECT

Japan’s "Last Ninja" Explains The Naruto Run
  • 17.01.2021
  • 1526

We had the opportunity to speak with the last ninja on earth, and learn about the rich history behind ninjutsu and what it takes to be a ninja.

Amazing Winter Road Trip for First Timers in Japan
  • 17.01.2021
  • 174

Find out the best things to do in the Kanto and Tohoku regions including the ski resorts, famous temples, shrines, waterfalls, theme parks, and many more.

30 Best Things to do in Japan + Top 10 Ranked
  • 17.01.2021
  • 217

This is the ultimate guide on best things to do in Japan, including our top 10 favourites that are ranked

Awesome Products That Only Exist In Japan 🇯🇵😍
  • 17.01.2021
  • 473

I want clear coke so I can tell my mom, “I’m just drinking some water”

Photos Proving Japan Is Unlike Any Other Country In The World
  • 17.01.2021
  • 228

Japan has to be one of the most unique and ingenious countries in the world and these amazing photos prove it. Here are photos that prove Japan is unlike any other country you’ve ever seen.